Monday, February 9, 2009

Veritable Visions

Veritable Visions

Frighten me not with fears,
trouble me not with troubles,
worry me not with worries;
but bless me with blessings
and gladden my heart with gladness.

DB - The Vagabond


There's an old saying: You always get what you want, so be very careful about what you want. A modern day Kabbalist scholar likens the human mind to a radio that has only two stations, similar to the little black box I wrote about in Emerging Enlightenment 9/01/08. One plays beautiful music and gives good news reports. The other has nothing but bad news and static. We begin the day by tuning in to the good station and go on about our business. But after a while we notice that we have been hearing the other one. Something (Satan maybe) has turned the dials on us and now we are hearing about all the wrongs and regrets, the things that are bad about us, the reasons why we can't do this or have that, why we don't deserve to be happy. It's time to change the stations.
You are what you think about and so is your life. If your mind is giving you nothing but trouble to think about it's absolutely necessary to switch stations, start hearing the good reports about yourself and leave the gloomy stuff alone.
It's difficult to get back to the right frame of mind because it seems that the evil broadcaster has power over the good one. If you want to go upstream you have to row, If you don't row you'll go downstream even if you sit and do nothing. That's why it's hard to stay on the right frequency.
The first thing is to refuse to accept as undeniable reality the bad news you're hearing about yourself. You don't even have to reason your way out of it. Just say No, I refuse to accept and believe all the bad things about me in spite of the so-called evidence the nasty announcer in my head is telling me,
The next step is to give yourself a clear picture of the way you want your life to be and hold on to it. Persistence is a proven means of accomplishing many things. And so is patience. If you plant a seed it doesn't grow overnight. The bigger the dream the longer the gestation time.
Now stay by the dial to make sure the devil doesn't flick it back to his favorite radio station.
And then listen.

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