Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Victorious Voices 1/01/09

Everything has its own song.

Josef von Eichendorff


I hear the music of creation.

I hear the sounds of nature.

I hear the songs of life.

I hear the vigorously loud and the beautifully silent.

I hear the rolling tympani of thunder, the cymbal crash of lightening, the snare drum of rain on the window and the sweet celesta of falling snow upon my cheek.

I hear the adagio of the drifting clouds, the harp notes of sunshine and the oboe song of the moon.

I hear the trumpet calls from the mountain tops, the trombones in the forest and the gentle horn upon the surface of the lake.

I hear the flute tones of the humble pebbles on the beach, the whisper of the sand and the parade of marching bands as the tides come in.

I hear the choir of autumn colors, the sopranos in their nests in spring,

I hear the largo of the growing flowers and the presto of the squirrels.

I hear the siren song of stars and the humming along the garden path.

I hear the bubbling madrigal of children on their way to school.

I hear the opera of the busy city streets.

I hear the strings that sing of love and friendship, of hope and faith.

I hear the sounds of nature.

I hear the music of creation.

I hear the symphony of life,

"And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."
Isaiah 55:12



  1. Still one of your best pieces, D!

  2. Great analogy of life. If our perspective is like that, we can't ask for anything more. The feeling of satisfaction is bestowed by the beauty of nature.