Friday, July 3, 2009

Leaned Leaves

The best thing about the future is it only comes one day at a time.

Abraham Lincoln
Good day to you
Today is America's Birthday - 233 years old.
Here's to the true patriots, the common people, the Americans.
Here's to those who dared to make it happen. Jere's to the men who dared to sign for independence and gave thier lives for it. Here's to those who dared to drop everything and take up arms to protect their lands, their families and their neighbors, to the farmers who dared to defend the bridge and their weapons against ranks of the strongest army in the world and chased them away, to the freed slaves and others in Boston who dared to stand up against the English rifles and were the first Americans to die for it, to those who dared to dump a precious cargo into the bay rather than to allow the government to line its pockets and those of its businessmen at America's expense, to those who dared to cross the ice bound Delaware River on a freezing night, the river I see from my own window, to chase the enemy from Trenton, to those farmers and merchants who dared to spend a blazing hot Phildelphia summer behind closed doors to write a constitution.
Here's to those who dare to make it work. Here's to the farmer and the fisherman, to the miner and the forester, to the carpenter, the mason and the gardener, to the teacher and the preacher, to the banjo player, the trumpet player and the church organist, to the tailor and the cobbler, to the actor, the singer and the dancer, to the truck driver, the bus driver and the cab driver, to the fire fighter, the cop and the paramedic, to the lineman and the lighthouse keeper, to the long shoreman, the teamster and the transit worker. to the typist, the printer, the mail carrier and the factory worker.

Here's to the true patriots, the common people, the Americans.


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