Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Developmental Device

Developmental Device 9/26/08

There are orbits in life,
prepared and in place,
for things that have not yet appeared.

DB - The Vagabond


The Rosetta Stone is a stone tablet from about 200 B.C. It is written in three languages; Greek, the demotic language common to Egypt and Hieroglyphics. It was buried and lost for many centuries until it was discovered by some French soldiers around 1800 in a small town called Rashid, or Rosetta, and taken to France.
People had been trying for several hundred years to decipher the hieroglyphic language. Then in 1822 Jean Francois Champollion discovered the secret by comparing the three languages on the stone and ushered in a whole new field of study.
The Rosetta Stone is almost like a dictionary because the same thing was written in all three languages.
Just as the code for deciphering the Rosetta stone was sitting there in front of scholars for a long time, the marvels of our lives were already there in code for someone to translate them. Though chemists can combine them, physicists define them and engineers build things with them, no one has invented raw materials, basic ore. They sit there waiting to have their secrets discovered.
And so too have the inventions that we use. The concept of the automobile was always there, so was the law of aerodynamics. Breaking the code of human genetics has enabled us to understand and predict human behavior and conditions. We have learned and are still learning to understand the languages of wind, sunlight and water.
The concept of a space ship was always there in it's own special hieroglyphics, it just needed to be translated
I think there are so many marvels we can expect to find: improved physical ability, mental and intellectual ability, social, economic and political stability world peace, greater works of art and literature, travel faster than the speed of light, teleportation, translucence, telepathy and increased spirituality. Marvels will continue to appear as if by magic out of nowhere. The rosetta stones are there. The translation is all.

May you always be surrounded by amiable companions.

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