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Wise Wayfaring 10/05/09

12:06:20 AM EDT

Wise Wafaring

Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker.

Thomas Watson


"Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained"
You Can't Learn To Swim By Standing On The Diving Board

I spent too many hours of my life being a dope. Part of growing up is having those humbling moments when you realize you don't know as much as you thought you did. And when you finally come face to face with your own ignorance is the moment you either give up or start to get smart.

Any adventure, whether physical or mental, means leaving where you are and going someplace else. For a thinker it means discarding old worn out ideas. I have no patience with the "tried and true" and I get mental claustrophobia whenever I hear it spoken or see it written. The friendship that underlies small talk is sterling and should not be overlooked or forgotten about. It's the safe, soft and cozy mentality that I abjure. It's the rusty thinking that no longer rings when you thump on it that is so uncomfortable to me.

Because I have seen people slowly sink into inanity who don't want to challenge the way they have been thinking or taught to think, and jump into a whirlpool of uncertainty, I want to come and shake their houses. Not to do harm, but to let people know that there is so much more in their mental world than they have any awareness of. Because at one point in my life I began to discover and open doors to rooms in my house I had never opened, I want to encourage people to find their own secret doors. And because I was willing to step into a jungle of knowledge I had never known about and feel my way along, I want to invite people to do the same, whichever way they turn. To follow the road less traveled is one thing, but to travel where there is no road is the best. The discoveries you make and the destinations you reach are completely your own. Is it risky business?

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  1. If we never venture out of the routine, the normal, the day to day, adventures, inventions, new creations would never occur. Thank you for reminding us to "travel where there is no road". Love and Light, Nina P