Sunday, October 4, 2009

Xenophilic Xray 10/04/09

12:19:09 AM EDT

Xenophilic Xray

You should examine yourself daily. If you find faults, you should correct them. When you find none, you should try even harder.

Xi Zhi

How clean is your shed? How well do you know yourself? Have you discovered enough about yourself that you are trying to change? Are you willing to dig deeper?

Years ago I read this story about Booker T. Washington. After he became a freed slave, he wanted to get an education. The woman who was in charge of the school asked him first to clean out a one room shed. He entered the shed, pulled some things out that didn't belong there and straightened things up a bit.

When the woman came to inspect it she was not satisfied with what he had done. So he went back in and pulled more things out. He found a snake living in there. So he dropped a rock on it's head, killing it. He took that out and thought he was finished.

But when the woman came back she was still not pleased. So this time he was determined to satisfy her. He took everything out. In the process he discovered a window that was covered up. When he uncovered it light came in and he could see all the dirt, cobwebs and other junk. He realized that his problem had been that he had never in his life seen a clean shed. He got a broom and completely swept it clean and replaced the things in an orderly fashion.

This time, when the woman came she was happy with the job and Booker went to school.

How clean is my shed?

DB - The Vagabond

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