Thursday, March 19, 2009

From a Letter to Beth 2/19/09

The only way to worship correctly is to think. If I didn't believe that to be true with all of my being, I would fold up my journal and become a monk.

"The world is too much with us" as Wordsworth said. I lose faith sometimes that I will get people to see life as a metaphor, to hear the song behind the music, to see the beauty behind the picture, to live life deeply and understand its meaning instead of living on the surface of things. Life is so much more interesting if one seeks for it.

Yes there are great lessons to be learned from the birds (and the wolves). A great lesson is that we are all part of creation. We are at one with the birds, the trees, the wind. the sunlight, the distant planets.and the sound of a flute. I don't get that wisdom in a church.



  1. I enjoyed this very much when I read it in your letter. I'm glad you posted it here.

    Hugs, Beth