Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kindly Knocks 9/20/09

12:03:01 AM EDT

Kindly Knocks

Person to person, moment to moment,
as we love, we change the world.

Samahria Kaufman


Let me never be ridiculous or pathetic. Let me never become a complete failure. Let the meager offerings of my slim talents dwell fruitfully in the hearts and minds of all who saw me, heard me or read me. Let me graciously accept a career cut short by sickness. Let me bear my illnesses with patience and hope. Let me have the persistence to get out of debt and the wisdom to never become a debtor again. Let me not succumb to the utterness of my sorrow. Let my love bring joy to those I love. Let my friendship be a banner to those who still think about me and let it bring peace to those who don't. Let me never cease to rejoice over the success and happiness of others and weep for the failures, even of those who hate me. Let my kind thoughts bless the enemies I refuse to hate. Let my regrets turn to ashes and let the wounds heal and the scars fade from those I have harmed. Let me be reunited with the strangers who should be close to me. Let me not give up on people, even those who have given up on me. Let me not be grieved at my dwindling audience or my dimming eyesight. Let me find my way from nowhere to somewhere and from nothing to something. Let me know more clearly the true nature of things. Let me never lose a sense of humor about the trials of my life. Let me not be a victim of anger or depression. Let me not be discouraged by all the many things that go wrong in my life. Let me breathe sweetness and speak goodness. Let me learn to treat each new day with expectations of good and each new night with determination to do better. Let my goals be pure and let me walk proudly through the jungle of distractions. Let not pain and sadness overcome me. Let my thoughts be cleaned of cruelty and violence and let nothing kill the poetry in my heart. Let me be forgiven for my foolishness and my ignorance. Let me claim my self-respect even where I'm not respected. Let me live and take care of myself. Let me dwell benignly in my loneliness. And let there be peace in my life.


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  1. I hope you find peace and friendship. Know that we are here for you :o)