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Vast Viewing 9/12/09

Saturday, August 23, 2008
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Vast Viewing

A man is infinitely more complicated than his thought.

Paul Valery

Two of the biggest errors we can make are mistaking an effect for a cause and judging the reality of something only on the basis of what we can see of it.

I think there are at least three levels of conscious thought: observing, calculating beyond what one can observe and interpreting a moral, metaphysical or spiritual meaning behind that calculation.

In college I took a class in Geology. That class took field trips and one day we went to a beach area where the teacher showed us an outcropping of metamorphosed (baked) sedimentary rock. Later we took the bus to a completely different location, and in the backyard of a house there was another outcropping of the very same rock.

What we learned is that if it was a tunnel instead of rock we could follow it all the way down into the deep parts of the ground until it eventually came up out onto the beach. That rock had once lay flat on the surface, but due to geologic activity had been bent into waves, and then covered over. As erosion took place the upper arc of that wave had disappeared. But since it was harder than the earth around it an outcropping of the rock was left. Again if we could have followed it up into what is now empty space another chunk of it could be found in some unknown location in the western part of the state.

One must know not only what the rock is made of but also calculate the angle of descent and ascent in order to describe the geological history of that area.

There are many ways we use to uncover and observe unconscious, or subconscious thought, For many years no one knew about any type of mentality other than the surface, exoteric one. When the subconscious mind was discovered it seemed like such a mysterious thing. Since then much attention and observation has been made of it, digging down underneath to observe how it affects life. Calculating what and where it is by observation of what the conscious mind is doing.

But I am interested in looking the other way. What about the upper arc of this wave of mentality, a super conscious mind, not observable because it has no abiding place in our earthbound consciousness, but can be known by its effects? What if we carry superconsciousness with us as we do subconsiousiousness? And what if that superconsciousness is the cause of things that appear so mysterious and super natural, like love, kindness, intuition, enlightenment, prophecy, and many other grand capabilities we haven't discovered yet. And why shouldn't Psychology turn its microscope in the other direction, and seriously begin to view and understand this strange, vast untapped ore of mentality?

There are those who investigate things like parapsychology, ESP, spiritualism, and other unusual occurrences, but mostly from the theory of there being abnormal causes. But what if those causes are in turn really effects of a different cause unknown and hence mistaken and misunderstood? What if there is nothing abnormal at all? What if superconsciousness is something that we carry with us all the time, ready to enhance our lives with capabilities and experiences above what we can consciously know?

What do you think?

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